New Porsche Boxster 2013

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In Early summer 2012 Porsche will deliver the first units of the new Boxster, a convertible two-seater soft top, rear and centrally placed engine rear.

It will be three inches longer and one inch lower than outgoing model, however width remains same.It weighs 1385 kg which is significantly less than competition.The two hoods and door frame are made of aluminum.

The roof takes 9 seconds to fold and can also be operated with remote control.The rear wing rises when the car speed exceeds 75 mph.Exterior design looks fresh and evolved from previous generation Boxster.Front boot has a capacity of 150 liters and rear 130 liters.It comes with newly designed lightweight chasis,larger wheels and a electromechanical power steering which aids in better driving dynamics.

Cockpit is new especially the console, which is now similar to that of other Porsche models. The parking brake lever is replaced by an electric drive. The instrument panel consists of three circles with various indicators.The start-stop automatic detention system is standard.

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The new Porsche Boxster is available with two engines.Entry level is new 2.7 litre developing 265 hp(Boxster version).The other has 3.4 liters and 315 hp(Boxster S version). Both are available six-cylinder boxer with direct injection.The start-stop automatic detention system is standard.The brakes have aluminum calipers and four pistons. Optionally you can order a braking system with ceramic discs,which weigh 50 percent less than a cast iron and they fatigue less.

Both versions of Boxster have a six-speed manual gearbox.The automatic seven-speed double-clutch ‘PDK’ is optional. The new Porsche Boxster with PDK accelerates from 0-62 mph in 5.7 s(5.5 s with the sports package) while in S version 0-62 mph is acheived in 5 s.

Porsche claims that new Boxster is better performer and upto 15 percent more economical than the model it replaces.The new Porsche will be available with a sticker price of $49,000 for Boxster and $60,900 for Boxster S version.

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